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Kitchen Remodels


Paul's Kitchen Renovation

Harry & Jennifer's Kitchen Renovation

Mary Beth's Kitchen Renovation

Rocky & Laura's Kitchen Renovation

Patrick's Kitchen Renovation

Steve & Kathy's Kitchen Renovation

Bathroom Remodels


Sandra's Bathroom Renovation

Rocky & Agnes' Bathroom Renovation

Mike's Guest Bathroom Renovation

Ron & Barbara's Bathroom Renovation

Dave's Bathroom Renovation

Mike's Master Bathroom Renovation

Paul's Guest & Master Bathroom Renovation

Rosemary's Bathroom Renovation

Rosemary's Bathroom Renovation

Basement Remodels


Millicent's Basement Renovation

Rocky & Agnes' Basement Renovation

Custom Homes


James & Heather's House



Clark's Deck 

Ed's Deck

Lynn's Deck

Stu & Jackie's Deck

Steve & Eileen's Patio

Tony's Deck



Elizabeth's Hardwood Floors

Tim and Liz's Hardwood Floor

Terri's Siding

Tullett Hardwood Floor


Terri's Siding



Suzanne's Four Season Room

Custom Bars


Harry and Jennifer's Custom Bar 

The Lark Tavern's Custom Bar 

Millicent's Custom Bar 

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