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Our Awards

C & J works extremely hard to deliver only the best for our customers and their homes. Through the hard work of our team, subcontractors, and vendors we have been recognized in several areas for being  the best in the business. Click on the galleries below to check out some of our award winning projects.

2020 Best New Construciton Basement
-Awarded by the Capital Region Builders and Remodelers Association

John and Laurens Lake House Basement

In building their Lake House, John and Lauren wanted a home away from area for guests to stay and enjoy the their time away. This space is complete with heated floors, an entertainment area, full bathroom, and a guest bedroom with built-in in bunk beds and cabinetry. The trim theme follows that of the rest house giving a feel like you have your own area to call home.

2020 Best New Construction Powder Room
-Awarded by The Capital Region Builders and Remodelers Association

John and Lauren's Lake House Powder Room

This simple, but elegant powder room combines simplicity with class. Using classic finishes with a modern twist, it ties together the laundry area and highlights the overall theme of the house.

2019 Best Kitchen Remodel Over $75,000.00
-Awarded by the Capital Region Builders and Remodelers Association

Sara and Jay's Kitchen

Sara and Jay wanted to renovate to utilize light provided from the back yard and combine the large space between their family room and kitchen. By removing walls and adding windows C & J allowed for them to update cabinetry, install a larger island and utilize the space they had in a more efficient way. With designs by Designers Studio in Saratoga we took this once simple and outdated space to the next level. New cabinetry, appliances and quartz tops were installed along with an upgrade to the trim in the dining room, family room fireplace, and foyer. 

2017 Best Bathroom Remodel Over $40,000.00

-Awarded by the Capital Region Builders and Remodelers Association

Richard and Laurie's Renovation

C & J just completed another design by LEAP Architecture. Richard and Laurie wanted to bring a much brighter and more modern feel to their Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, and Loft. We completely renovated their second floor, changing the floor plan, adding windows and doors, and installing streamline modern finishes to the space. The Master Bathroom includes a Floating Island Vanity, Fully Custom Shower, Custom Walnut Paneling and Built in Cabinetry in the closets. Throughout the renovated areas, frame-less doors and large windows were installed to add a sleek look and take full advantage of the beautiful landscapes.

2016 Most Innovative Remodel

-Awarded by the Capital Region Builders and Remodelers Association

Mike's Addition

Mike was looking to bring an innovative and modern feel to his house. Working with designer Eric Davenport of LEAP Architecture we brought an ultra-modern California feel to this 1950's ranch. By adding a second floor, removing walls and installing full length windows, we created a bright and open feel to this once compartmentalized house. Each room was given its own unique features including a floating kitchen island, an indoor/outdoor see through fireplace, walk through shower and custom built in cabinetry. The creative details and streamline design make this one of our most modern projects to date.

2016 Most Creative Remodel Feature

- Awarded by the Capital Region Builders and Remodelers Association

James and Heather's Fireplace

James and Heather added this Accucraft gas fireplace to their Latham home. This unit is ten feet long and weighs in at 3,000 pounds. C & J installed beams in the subfloor to support the weight and completely enclosed the unit with tile and a quartz top. We also added an area for the television and entertainment center.

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