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Building Your Lifestyle


   Your new home is an extension of who you are. While we are all different, for most of us our home is where we will spend the majority of our lives. It is where families will be raised, and memories will be made. It is a place we can feel safe in and a place that we want to fit every need of our lifestyle. Taking on the challenge to design a home to suit those needs takes a lot of very important decisions. Decisions that you need to be involved in making. Although it can be a stressful process, with the right help the reward will be a place for you to call home.


   Many home builders feel they know what suits you best. They will design your home around their agenda and to specifications that make sense to them. We understand that is not what the building process is all about. C & J takes a completely different approach to assuring that we are able to build a custom home to fit exactly what you are looking for. It is an interactive process in which you the homeowner are a part of the entire time.


   In most cases when you decide to hire a general contractor to build your home you sign the check, pick from a list of finishes or design options, sign the contract and are forgotten about until the house is built. You will be locked out with very few opportunities to see your house as it comes together. However, with the professionals at C&J Custom Builders, there are no restrictions. We understand that you are the owner from day one and it is very important to us to make sure you are getting what you planned for. This all begins with a solid design phase.


   While most builders have pre-designed template drawings for customers to choose from. We work with local Architects to design your home down to the last fixture. If you've ever driven through new neighborhoods, it is pretty clear that all of the homes look like mirror images of each other. Simple differences and simple designs. Is that how you want to be represented in a place you have made a significant investment in? A place you call home? The architects we work with will take the time to make sure you can't be compared to the rest and as a team we will design a true custom home. Not only can this be important to you, but if the day comes to sell, people will know you took pride and care in building your home.


   As a family based general contracting company, we take great pride in satisfying all of our customers needs. We make ourselves readily available at any time to answer questions, give guidance, and eliminate as much stress as possible while building your home. It can seem very overwhelming to plan new home construction, but with C & J we will make it an exciting and unforgettable building experience that you will be proud of.

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